Exhibition view photo by Kosuke Araki

Exhibition view photo by Kosuke Araki





Kosuke Araki, Akira Muraoka


Kosuke Araki


Through reinterpretation of traditional plant materials and processing techniques for them found in Japan in the contemporary context, we are in search of alternative ways of utilising them.


We are continuing experiments only with plant-derived materials, such as rice glue and pine resin, same as the works of Green Solid Collection. Adding two new works to the previous collection, we present them together under the tittle, Plantist's Life.


By applying familiar materials from old time and knowledge of processing them, tools which enrich our life are created without any non-environmentally-friendly materials like oil-based plastics. With these old yet new prototypes, we would like to propose possible life harmonising with the natural cycle and hope that this scenery of daily life we have crafted provides you an opportunity to reflect on lifestyle of modern times.


This project was developed for an exhibition, EXPERIMENTAL CREATIONS 2017 TOKYO, which was on show in Omotesando, Tokyo.


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Design, development and production:

Kosuke Araki


Jewelry stands in dark colours are made of rice, rice husk and straw. The one in white is made of plant fiber, a raw material of Japanese paper.


Design, development and production:

Akira Muraoka


By utilising shrinkage of rice glue as it dries, new joint technique is being tested.